About Us

Established in 2012, Industrial Hemp Uganda- IHU is the pioneer in medical cannabis industry in Uganda and East Africa. It is the leading pharmaceutical and medical grade cannabis products manufacturer and exporter, enabled by core strengths that leverage a standard driven business model. IHU leverages a strong management team with vast industry experience and advanced research techniques. IHU is focused on first mover advantage and developing the efficient cost production of highest quality oils through its competitive advantage rooted in economies of scale and intellectual property.

IHU operations include cultivation, processing, production, extraction, formulation and compounding of cannabis and hemp products by a combination of extraction and synthesis at registered production facilities that produce medical grade extracts for local and export markets.

All stages of the process from cultivation to manufacturing, distribution and patient access are tightly regulated and IHU operations has created 1500 new jobs along the supply chain, from cultivation through to export. These new jobs were created across key industry sub-sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, R&D and export.

Product range includes a variety of dosage forms including capsules, elixirs, tinctures, droppers, teas, and medical cosmetics. Our B2B products include Full Spectrum extracts, isolates, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Industrial Hemp (U) Ltd is licensed and supervised by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, and other responsible government authorities like National Drug Authority (NDA), National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), and Uganda Police Force in Uganda.

Benefits of Strong Medicinal Cannabis


A regulated medicinal cannabis industry will improve the quality of life for patients suffering from a range of conditions such as cancer, SARS-COVID-19, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDs, and chronic pain.

Countries legalizing cannabis include Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Israel, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Greece, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Peru, and Uruguay. 

Cannabis is on Schedule IV of the United Nations’ Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, making it subject to special restrictions. Article 2 provides for the following, in reference to Schedule IV drugs: “A Party shall, if in its opinion the prevailing conditions in its country render it the most appropriate means of protecting the public health and welfare, prohibit the production, manufacture, export and import of, trade in, possession or use of any such drug except for amounts which may be necessary for medical and scientific research only, including clinical trials therewith to be conducted under or subject to the direct supervision and control of the Party”.

In Uganda Cannabis Is Regulated Under the Following Statutory Instruments:

  • The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Control Act, 2015;
  • Statutory Instruments Supplement to the Uganda Gazette No. 18 Volume CVII dated 28th March, 2014;
  • Bill No.: 34 “The National Drug Policy and Authority (Importation and Exportation of Drugs) Regulations, 2014”;
  • Statutory Instruments Supplement to the Uganda Gazette No. 62 Volume III dated 7th November 2007;
  • Bill No.:15 “Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (Control) Bill”;


IHU is developing and executing a comprehensive community outreach plan to serve as a valuable and productive community partner. IHU is committed to developing initiatives that maintain quality and meaningful relationships with local government, neighbouring businesses and residents; and provide contributions that enrich and support the local community, including but not limited to monetary and volunteer contributions to local schools, health centres, non-profits, and other entities.