CanCare Medical Cosmetics

CanCare Skin Repair Cream


  1. For prevention and treatment of poor skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne. In addition to providing relief from rashes, sores, boils, and bruises.
  2. Reduce inflammation by interacting with white blood cells such as microglial cells and macrophages that cause inflammation.
  3. Activates glycine receptors, alleviating the chronic pain associated with inflammation.
  4. Activate CB2 receptors on the peripheral sensory nerve fibers, which inhibits itching signals and soothes itchy skin and helps regulate sebum production, bringing dry skin back into balance.

CanCare Joint & Muscle Pain Relief


  1. For rapid relief of all kinds of pain and inflammation. It treats immediately chronic pain of most kinds, including muscle pain, post-surgical pain, joint pain, arthritis and bruises.
  2. Enhancing the body’s own similar natural functions rather than masking them, it is used to treat symptoms for a wide variety of nerve and muscle conditions, providing relief from pain and inflammation.